Tall Femme Meaning – HER

A ”

large femme

” is a
femme lesbian
on steroids. If a


is actually somebody who wants to wear gowns and lipstick, a “high femme” is an individual who

physical lives

in gowns and lipstick. A top femme is actually stimilar to a
lip stick lesbian
or a cosmetic lesbian—taking care of themselves is the regular work. They reside for intricate cosmetic programs, brand-new makeup products releases, and whatever includes a good indulgence.

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A “high femme” is actually an uber-feminine lesbian who lives to pamper themselves. They like makeup, never ever miss a mani/pedi, and also a 28-step cosmetic schedule.

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What do high femmes appear like?

High femmes generally have a more feminine-leaning design or fuel. They might put on a flannel, even so they’re going to tie it into a crop very top. They are the contrary of ”


” lesbians, who will be more mascuine-leaning within vibes. Tall femmes own Doc Martens nonetheless’re clean af. They’ll camp along with you, but they’ll be staying at an Airbnb when you make the tent. Tall Femmes will make you love them while launching you to definitely compound exfoliation for the first time.

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In accordance with
some meanings
, high femmes are far more passive in bed, but we think that’s an out-of-date perspective. These days, it’s common for large femmes become surfaces or



Even though they often pair well with a fantastic

chapstick lesbian

or butch or


that isn’t to state two high femmes won’t date — it can simply take them permanently to get ready.